3 ways to be more charitable about NFP

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We could all stand to be KINDER when we are discussing Natural Family Planning . There seems to be something about NFP that just riles up people . Consider these posts.

A lot of these comments contain accusations and counter accusations  of  having a “contraceptive mentality” , not trusting God or not prudently spacing children . It is disheartening to read because many of these comments are written by Catholics . In lieu of  this I beg that we consider the following when discussing NFP :-

1. Empathize : Lets all start assuming that most people who use NFP do so with the best of intentions and unless you are their spiritual advisor you have no place telling them they are using it with a contraceptive mentality . Try and walk in their shoes . Stricken by crushing debt , unstable job situations or a spouse whose health is failing .

2. Recall that we have different crosses : Recognize that NFP users have different crosses . Some have 60 day cycles and are only confortable using Phase III . Some couples have text book cycles but cannot conceive . Others are super fertile . Our NFP discussions should allow all the various groups to express their joys and sorrows .

3. Don’t be like Marie Antoinette : I have read discussions where suggestions are bandied about that if one form of NFP is not being satisfactory another should be investigated without the cost implications being taken into account . Yes Marquette may be best for ladies in postpartum transition and Creighton good for ladies with unexplained infertility but it doesn’t mean the couple can afford it. Let us try to offer  workable solutions.

What would you add ?

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