Cure for the Common Life Max Lucado

Living in your sweet spot  (My first book sneeze book review )

The basic message of this inspirational book is that there is every human being has a  “sweet spot” . A place of operation where our best talents and service to God and his people are accomplished simultaneously and living in this spot is the Cure for the Common Life.

Max Lucado systematically proposes a few steps anyone can take to identify their “sweet spot”. They are paying attention to what work makes you feel alive , reading your life backwards ( what things have you always enjoyed since you were a child ) , studying your story and identifying work you could do even if you were paid nothing .

While the basic premise of the book is not new, I found a lot of the supporting stories in this book fascinating. I especially felt challenged when I got to Dave the alcoholic’s story . Dave the drug user , divorcee and convict. After spending four decades in this mess , he heard about children in Central America , flew there , started finding homes with no fathers and no plumbing and installing sinks and toilets and loving the kids .

The author presents his work in an easy appealing manner with significant biblical reference . This book makes great Sunday reading . I would recommend it for anyone who is questioning whether they are accomplishing God’s purpose for their life or anyone who is looking for a Christian book that is an easy read .

PS: I got a reviewer’s copy of this book in exchange for this review from . You can find it here

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