NFP stories making headlines

Five ways I don’t love NFP

An evolving view of Natural Family Planning

Bonus story :  A woman struggling to find definition outside pregnancy

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Marriage Misconceptions NFP helps eliminate

1. After marriage sex is a free for all : Um – not really . Unfortunately even within Christian circles , the myth that married couples can have sex whenever they like is rampant. This can setup couples for some major NFP  disillusionment . With NFP you consult God , you discuss ( sometimes you talk to a spiritual advisor ) and if there is need you wait out your fertile time .

2. Spacing pregnancies is a woman’s responsibility : I once attended a bridal shower where a counselor urged the bride – to – be  to choose a birth control method wisely because her husband should not be bothered about such things . If there is anything NFP emphasizes its this –  joint responsibility for when you should or should not have children.  ( I understand there are cases where the woman does not mind doing most of the work but that’s a post for another day )

3. Major marriage work  is over once you finish the pre – marital counseling . It is tempting to think that once you checked off those little boxes during counseling there will never be any major marriage battles . ( catholic – check , baptized – check , practicing – check ) . If there is anything NFP does really well it is this : It will highlight the areas a couple struggles with .

4. Abstinence is uncharitable : A lot of the ladies I try to talk to about NFP have one objection to it . How can they say no to their husbands ?  Is that not just plain mean & uncharitable ? But is there any charity in not abstaining for an overwhelmed mother of many little ones and making her worry for weeks before she subjects herself to  yet another pregnancy test ?

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Since I last blogged –

1. My dear mother has been  in and out of hospital . A bad case of malaria combined with hypertension made for a really bad mix . Thankfully the medical staff was able to get it all under control . She is back at home recuperating so we are grateful to God

2. All but my boss and myself are in training at work so that leaves me to combine handling the graduate trainees , do my normal duties and cover for four other people’s emergencies . And we have had 2 emergencies so far …….

3. My copy of the New No- pill , no- risk birth control book by Nora Aguilar arrived – cannot wait to read it . I Love NFP books . Pity my body wont behave as stated in the books . Sigh

4 . Nope no house yet for mother

How was your weekend ?

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St. JoseMaria Escriva : saint of ordinary life

St. Josemaría, founder of Opus Dei and the Pri...

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The feast of St. JoseMaria Escriva ( also called saint of ordinary life ) founder of Opus Dei falls on 26th June which also happens to be Corpus Christi Sunday this year so most parishes will celebrate his feast day before or after Sunday .

A story he once narrated ( cannot recall the name of the documentary )  stands out to me during this time :

“ Once there was a  hitch hiker on the outskirts of one of the rural towns in Europe . He put out his hand to stop a   a truck driver who was passing through. When the truck slowed down he asked the driver if he could take him along on his journey and the driver agreed . Before he got in he asked the driver if the driver was alone . The driver hesistated then replied in the affirmative .

Shortly after they took off the hitch hiker asked the driver why he hesitated .  “Well,’ said the driver , “am a Christian so am never really alone . God is always with me . I hesitated because I did not think you would understand.” “Stop the car !” yelled the hitch hiker , “I need to go back . I am the parish priest and I was running away.”

Ordinary things done well are a path to sanctity . St JoseMaria , pray for us !

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7 Quick Takes ( vol 9 )


7 Quick Takes Friday


This week 7 Quick Takes   Is being hosted by the very lovely Betty Beguiles . Congratulations to Jen on her new baby daughter


Ok am I just a dork ? Or is this picture one of the most romantic pictures you ever saw? Smile

It comes with a really great article too . Check it out at this link



-2 –

Are you an NFP junkie ? You might be interested in this study which was posted on the Marquette method board comparing the Persona monitor and the clear blue easy monitor on which the Marquette method is based .


I think this is going to be my new mantra starting this week . The link showing its origin is embedded within . Hope it works!


My new guilty pleasure : Pinterest . Take a look at some of the beautiful things there . I guarantee you , you will be hooked for life . There is a lot of beauty in one place . If you have  a problem seeing ladies in swim suits though – you should pass


Who knew there were so many ways to  fetch and read rss feeds? My personal favorites are these feed squares from Chrome web store & the adobe air  Readefine desktop air application. They both need an internet connection though

-6 –

This week   I have been reading a little book ( just 14 pages ) called Trustful surrender to Divine Providence by St St. Claude de la Columbière . I will be doing a short post soon on the lessons I garned from it . It is a really powerful book


Went to see an old professor   of mine this week . It was nice to touch base after so many years


Have a great weekend

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@Shanna Ragan    this reminded me of you ;)

Right after I posted the last post , I came across this on pinterest  – so funny

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Crossroads and Buried Dreams

Academic dress for Phd in Singapore with descr...

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I used to have this dream . I would have a PHD by the time i was 30 .

Then both my parents became jobless
And got divorced and mother got  a debilitating case of fibroids and we got evicted . Three times

My dear dear sister  worked hard to sustain us till she was wrongly charged with theft  and had to resign
And father got a mass on his neck

So i buried that dream and got a job
And  a little rented house for all of us
Mother & Father went to the hospital and had their operations

The company i was working for almost shut down  so i went back to school to get my masters degree

Along the way I  met this wonderful man and we got married and had three babies
And as i graduated  so did my siblings

Five years later i can breathe
With four people working , the bills are shared .
Mother & Father have had their operations and are out of the woods
I feel like a 50 year old woman looking back at three lifetimes

The Christian life is one of crosses .
my job & and i are in a bad friendship
And i feel  that buried dream rising from the grave  coming back for air
At 29 , its probably doable but do i still want it ?  Isn’t it selfish ?

Do I already know the answer ? Am I overcomplicating everything ?

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Online arguments that make no sense to me

A highly realistic portrait of Marie Antoinett...

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1. Work outside the home mother Vs stay at home mother

I cannot express why this argument makes no sense to me more eloquently than Nish does in this article :

Working outside the home is not an option where grinding poverty exists and there are hungry mouths to feed. Everybody works. Our cloistered discussions about God’s purposes for women and the resulting infighting that ensues among us leave women elsewhere in the world scratching their heads. Blinded by the insulation of prosperity, we are at risk of transmitting a message as irrelevant and unworkable as Marie Antoinette’s solution for the starving masses: “Let them eat cake!” – a message that when sanctioned as “biblical” is cruelly beyond the reach of those with less.

Carolyn Curtis James, Half the Church, page 36

2.Using NFP with a contraceptive mentality

There are bigger problems to worry about when it comes to Natural Family planning  starting with the fact that hardly anyone is using it according to this study

3. Pants Vs skirts
Its amazing that we even discuss this at all – the ever funny Simcha Fischer explains why she wears pants and why she has no problems with ladies who wear skirts in this post.

Ladies' Trouser Suit and Dungarees, 1920's

Image by dovima_is_devine_II via Flickr

Ever come across arguments that do not make any sense to you?

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7 Quick Takes ( ed 8)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 119)


NFP Books : Confession : am an NFP book junkie . I devour any NFP I can get my hands on . After writing this review am waiting on this book  . As soon as am done I will write a review . It helps me compile all the knowledge am coming across



Sports check : Three out of three for this week . Was able to jog three days out of the three days I planned to do so which was a minor miracle because baby 3 had a bacterial infection . I guess the fact that she seemed to be fine during the day and not so fine at night contributed

Emil Zatopek running shoes by Adidas. 1948.

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-3 –

Girlfriend time : I got to get out with my gals after over 6 months ! It was awesome . I have been with these gals for ages and despite the fact that we hold different points of view on many subjects they are really a great bunch of ladies


Overhaul : So my husband was away for some PHD conference this week and he met an interesting gentleman who left the US to come to Africa with his entire family and start afresh . He placed his children in the local schools  and set up a local business so he could assimilate .  The gentleman left him with this quote “ every time you get confortable you are not learning anything” . I feel inspired by this and are currently pursuing two things I have always wanted to do . If they go through I will declare them publicly

– 5 –

Novenas : St . Jude’s novena starts tomorrow , Jen’s saint generator paired me up with St. Jude for this year . Its been a fairly tough year so his intercession has been most welcome . ST. Jude is the patron saint for desperate & forgotten causes


My husband heads out of the country at the end of this month for three months to finish his PHD . I wonder how am going to cope . St . Gianna , pray for us


So my mothers land lady increased her rent by over 70% so she has to move in three weeks time . So far we have not had any luck helping her find another one . Pray for us wont you ?


Head over to Jen’s for more quick takes

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Blog reads am lovin’

Marriage : 11 years later its still good

NFP : The scope of the problem

Significant moments : Ways to communicatevalue

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