Lenten Prayer Buddies

ICONS Jesus Christ

ICONS Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Fergal of Claddagh)



I had the privilege to pray for Katie.A at http://andersonponesse.blogspot.com/during lent. He is risen. Alleluia !


St. Rita’s Novena for Impossible Causes

Starts today and ends May 22nd . The prayer is here

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Beauty for ashes

He gives beauty for ashes , Strength for fear , Gladness for mourning and Peace for despair. Take a look at this beautiful reflection on this sunday ‘s gospel


Can you tell i read a lot of catholic blogs? 🙂

10 Facts about Me and My Better Half

We were introduced by a mutual friend at my first year in college – the said mutual friend asked me out on his behalf on my 20th birthday . That same year i told him i wanted to be a nun

We started dating “officially” when i was 23 and got married when i was 24.. but then again he proposed on our second “first ” date

He is the only man i have dated and married !


Baby #3 came too fast so he was my birth partner .. am the one still having nightmares about it


He takes the children out every sunday so i have mommy time


The first time i met him i thought ” this is a man i can marry ” ( really before i even knew his name )


He is the one who has done night duty with all our children . Love you hon!!


I’d marry him again in a heartbeat – and i would probably be the one proposing  this time


Known each other 11 years been together 5 years , married 4 years and have 3 kids ( Eh those are some stats)


Will you marry me dear husband?

Be sure to head over and visit pretty Betty Beguiles for more stories of awesome men!

A timely reminder for lent

We have just marked the first week of lent 2011 and despite my best efforts my mind kept wondering during my morning rosary . When I opened the meditations am doing for lent ( Lent for children a thought a day –  by The Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle in the State of New York , Typing and Formatting by Jennifer Gregory Miller, http://familyfeastandferia.wordpress.com) this is what it had to say

10: Friday First Week of Lent ———- March 18, 2011
(Optional Memorial: St. Cyril of Jerusalem)
Would you like to find God? Well, God is in your own heart—right inside your own soul. He waits for you to speak to Him, to think His Name—“Jesus!”—to call Him “Best of Friends”—“Sacred Heart”—Heart of Goodness”—“My Helper”—and every other sweet name your love can think of:
Every thought you give Him will cause Him to grow in you until the happy moment comes when you, too, can repeat St. Paul‟s words: “I live—now, not I—but Christ liveth in me.”

Christ lives in me – there is no need to look for him elsewhere

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