Gunfire , Sherlock Holmes and happiness

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Last night my dear husband took me for a showing of the latest installment in the Sherlock Holmes movies called “The game of shadows” . This was an enormous treat as the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books have always been a firm favorite.

I don’t know what I like the most about Sherlock Holmes : his ability to see everything and separate tiny clues from a mass of information and then glue them together to solve mysteries or his incessant need to test everything often turning himself into a living laboratory.

Sherlock Holmes also despises the very things his sidekick Dr.Watson craves : domesticity , monogamy and a family. He often tries to dissuade him from getting married while really masking the fact that what he is afraid of is being alone . In this particular movie he ruins his sidekick Watson’s honeymoon and takes him on a criminal hunt which eventually leads them to an ammunition factory. In the midst of the shelling and gunfire he turns to Watson and asks “Are u happy ?”

Watson of course is irked.Which man would prefer gunfire to a honeymoon with the woman he just married ? Yet Holmes asks this because his friendship with Watson offers this as its rewards : gunfire , uncertainty, love that often feels  like its being taken for granted but also the eliminations of evil persons with no good intentions towards society . Holmes seems to be hoping this is good enough for his dear friend.

The Christianity walk is sometimes exactly like that ammunition factory with gunfire from all sides  and only hope that we will prevail against the enemy. Will we answer yes if Jesus asked us “ Are you happy ?Right now , in this moment are you happy ?


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  1. “love that often feels like its being taken for granted but also the eliminations of evil persons with no good intentions towards society”… such good reflection here. I’ve not seen the movie, but I like where you’ve gone with your thoughts about it!

  2. Interesting thought…it sometimes does feel like being bombarded from all sides to really live the Christian life…


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