Marriage Misconceptions NFP helps eliminate

1. After marriage sex is a free for all : Um – not really . Unfortunately even within Christian circles , the myth that married couples can have sex whenever they like is rampant. This can setup couples for some major NFP  disillusionment . With NFP you consult God , you discuss ( sometimes you talk to a spiritual advisor ) and if there is need you wait out your fertile time .

2. Spacing pregnancies is a woman’s responsibility : I once attended a bridal shower where a counselor urged the bride – to – be  to choose a birth control method wisely because her husband should not be bothered about such things . If there is anything NFP emphasizes its this –  joint responsibility for when you should or should not have children.  ( I understand there are cases where the woman does not mind doing most of the work but that’s a post for another day )

3. Major marriage work  is over once you finish the pre – marital counseling . It is tempting to think that once you checked off those little boxes during counseling there will never be any major marriage battles . ( catholic – check , baptized – check , practicing – check ) . If there is anything NFP does really well it is this : It will highlight the areas a couple struggles with .

4. Abstinence is uncharitable : A lot of the ladies I try to talk to about NFP have one objection to it . How can they say no to their husbands ?  Is that not just plain mean & uncharitable ? But is there any charity in not abstaining for an overwhelmed mother of many little ones and making her worry for weeks before she subjects herself to  yet another pregnancy test ?

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  1. Great post!

    I was just thinking about the second one this morning and how much I HATE it that so many “good Christian men” who believe they are the leaders of their homes expect to have no involvement in family planning. Hello?

    And I completely agree on the 4th one. It also bothers me that people see it as the wife “saying no” to her husband. If both spouses are involved in determining what is right for their family right now and they are currently at their limit, then it shouldn’t be the wife saying “no” to her husband, it should be him saying “no” to himself!


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