St. JoseMaria Escriva : saint of ordinary life

St. Josemaría, founder of Opus Dei and the Pri...

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The feast of St. JoseMaria Escriva ( also called saint of ordinary life ) founder of Opus Dei falls on 26th June which also happens to be Corpus Christi Sunday this year so most parishes will celebrate his feast day before or after Sunday .

A story he once narrated ( cannot recall the name of the documentary )  stands out to me during this time :

“ Once there was a  hitch hiker on the outskirts of one of the rural towns in Europe . He put out his hand to stop a   a truck driver who was passing through. When the truck slowed down he asked the driver if he could take him along on his journey and the driver agreed . Before he got in he asked the driver if the driver was alone . The driver hesistated then replied in the affirmative .

Shortly after they took off the hitch hiker asked the driver why he hesitated .  “Well,’ said the driver , “am a Christian so am never really alone . God is always with me . I hesitated because I did not think you would understand.” “Stop the car !” yelled the hitch hiker , “I need to go back . I am the parish priest and I was running away.”

Ordinary things done well are a path to sanctity . St JoseMaria , pray for us !

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