7 Quick Takes ( vol 9 )


7 Quick Takes Friday


This week 7 Quick Takes   Is being hosted by the very lovely Betty Beguiles . Congratulations to Jen on her new baby daughter


Ok am I just a dork ? Or is this picture one of the most romantic pictures you ever saw? Smile

It comes with a really great article too . Check it out at this link



-2 –

Are you an NFP junkie ? You might be interested in this study which was posted on the Marquette method board comparing the Persona monitor and the clear blue easy monitor on which the Marquette method is based .


I think this is going to be my new mantra starting this week . The link showing its origin is embedded within . Hope it works!


My new guilty pleasure : Pinterest . Take a look at some of the beautiful things there . I guarantee you , you will be hooked for life . There is a lot of beauty in one place . If you have  a problem seeing ladies in swim suits though – you should pass


Who knew there were so many ways to  fetch and read rss feeds? My personal favorites are these feed squares from Chrome web store & the adobe air  Readefine desktop air application. They both need an internet connection though

-6 –

This week   I have been reading a little book ( just 14 pages ) called Trustful surrender to Divine Providence by St St. Claude de la Columbière . I will be doing a short post soon on the lessons I garned from it . It is a really powerful book


Went to see an old professor   of mine this week . It was nice to touch base after so many years


Have a great weekend

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