Online arguments that make no sense to me

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1. Work outside the home mother Vs stay at home mother

I cannot express why this argument makes no sense to me more eloquently than Nish does in this article :

Working outside the home is not an option where grinding poverty exists and there are hungry mouths to feed. Everybody works. Our cloistered discussions about God’s purposes for women and the resulting infighting that ensues among us leave women elsewhere in the world scratching their heads. Blinded by the insulation of prosperity, we are at risk of transmitting a message as irrelevant and unworkable as Marie Antoinette’s solution for the starving masses: “Let them eat cake!” – a message that when sanctioned as “biblical” is cruelly beyond the reach of those with less.

Carolyn Curtis James, Half the Church, page 36

2.Using NFP with a contraceptive mentality

There are bigger problems to worry about when it comes to Natural Family planning  starting with the fact that hardly anyone is using it according to this study

3. Pants Vs skirts
Its amazing that we even discuss this at all – the ever funny Simcha Fischer explains why she wears pants and why she has no problems with ladies who wear skirts in this post.

Ladies' Trouser Suit and Dungarees, 1920's

Image by dovima_is_devine_II via Flickr

Ever come across arguments that do not make any sense to you?

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  1. Amen! These drive me crazy.

  2. I like to think that if something is essential the Church will make it clear. And I love that quote!

  3. Excellent, excellent quote in #1. And I just read Simcha’s post again; it still cracks me up!!

  4. ha, i love these online arguments too…and pray that i never get sucked up in them!


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