7 Quick Takes ( ed 8)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 119)


NFP Books : Confession : am an NFP book junkie . I devour any NFP I can get my hands on . After writing this review am waiting on this book  . As soon as am done I will write a review . It helps me compile all the knowledge am coming across



Sports check : Three out of three for this week . Was able to jog three days out of the three days I planned to do so which was a minor miracle because baby 3 had a bacterial infection . I guess the fact that she seemed to be fine during the day and not so fine at night contributed

Emil Zatopek running shoes by Adidas. 1948.

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-3 –

Girlfriend time : I got to get out with my gals after over 6 months ! It was awesome . I have been with these gals for ages and despite the fact that we hold different points of view on many subjects they are really a great bunch of ladies


Overhaul : So my husband was away for some PHD conference this week and he met an interesting gentleman who left the US to come to Africa with his entire family and start afresh . He placed his children in the local schools  and set up a local business so he could assimilate .  The gentleman left him with this quote “ every time you get confortable you are not learning anything” . I feel inspired by this and are currently pursuing two things I have always wanted to do . If they go through I will declare them publicly

– 5 –

Novenas : St . Jude’s novena starts tomorrow , Jen’s saint generator paired me up with St. Jude for this year . Its been a fairly tough year so his intercession has been most welcome . ST. Jude is the patron saint for desperate & forgotten causes


My husband heads out of the country at the end of this month for three months to finish his PHD . I wonder how am going to cope . St . Gianna , pray for us


So my mothers land lady increased her rent by over 70% so she has to move in three weeks time . So far we have not had any luck helping her find another one . Pray for us wont you ?


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  1. Praying for your mother! Thank you for writing and promoting NFP! I’m a single lady, so I don’t have any real life experience with it, but I’ve been reading up on it. Just went to a Conference last weekend, too.


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