NFP postpartum transition lessons – 3 years later

1. NFP postpartum is still crazy . After baby #2 NFP was crazy and I was constantly second guessing myself despite the fact that I got 12 months of amenorrhea . I did end up pregnant on the second cycle postpartum though so I guess that contributes . I bought the fertility monitor after baby #3.You would think its objective readings would give me peace of mind – not really.

2.  NFP can be a source of  SPIRITUAL refinement . Its not easy to be in a room with your girlfriends and have them laugh and do a countdown to your next pregnancy when the thought of another baby right now makes you fail to breathe or wonder why of the only two people that practice NFP you are the one that keeps having babies .

3. I still find the lack of information about NFP  in the medical community astounding . One doctor just laughed at my charts , another suggested an intra uterine device and the one that showed me the most charity suggested the mini pill and all were CATHOLIC .

4. NFP is not a challenge for everyone as unbelievable as it was to me . I know only one other person that uses it and she was able to avoid & achieve as she and her husband discerned . I tried to type that without jealousy unsuccessfully.

5. NFP can STRENGTHEN & TEST a marriage . I have been a horrible mess the last couple of years and my over analysis of everything NFP probably drives my husband crazy yet he has been patient as I have dissolved into a wailing mess out of blue and used our overstretched finances to buy all the NFP books I could get my hands on . I miss who I used to be.

6.NFP is countercultural . It can be quite challenging to explain to anyone who asks what is involved and why you would want to do so much “work” ( anyone who does nfp will tell you its not really that much work ) and you will make peace with the fact that not everyone has to agree with your decisions .

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  1. We’ve had difficulty with NFP too, my cycles were terribly strange after our first. Our second child was conceived during actual phase three. Of course, God’s timing is much better than our own, but still – being a part of the 1% “failure rate” (the term seems so backwards – when NFP “fails” you get a baby!) of NFP can be a little disheartening and really make you question your ability to use it successfully in the future.

  2. Amanda ,

    You know as dark as these lessons seem
    I still believe NFP is a good thing 🙂
    But because its tailored to each lady it will in inherently work differently for everyone


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