My engagement story

This is the new engagement ring Bryan surprise...

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It was Tuesday April 25th 2006 and he called at lunchtime while I was at work to see if we could go to dinner at a local coffee shop I absolutely loved . I agreed – I wanted to see him after all . At 6:00pm promptly he picked me up.

He was jittery and spaced out all of dinner and I wondered if he was sick . He replied that he was fine . When the dinner was done at about 9pm we walked to the car so he could take me home .

As soon as we got in he asked me when he could officially “visit” my family and asked how august 6th 2006 sounded as a wedding day . I smiled and said yes then went to my parents home and failed to sleep.

One week later he came back from a trip and said he had bought me a perfume . I picked it out of the gift bag and said thanks then took the gift bag to dispose it in the dustbin . When I folded it I found a little box and a ring . Red heartWe ended up getting married in February the next year .

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