What a stomach bug taught me about NFP

Fertility Chart for Most Fertile Days

Image by vetilden via Flickr

1. If you are married and you do NFP everyone is going to assume that you are pregnant which will make you paranoid and go over the charts even if you know it is unlikely considering you have been charting meticulously and following all the rules ( and using all the signs ).


2. If you are seriously needing to try and space illness will not spare you from charting even if most of the signs will be a little off .

3. You will realize that NFP really is a different lifestyle – and will give up trying to explain how it works to people who are not willing to understand till you are in a better frame of mind . You will also miss being able to share the challenges of this lifestyle with someone who understands .

4. You will seriously consider the mini pill which the prolife doctor suggested to kick start your cycles yet you discarded that idea because all the NFP literature says recovering from the pill is just as messy as being in postpartum limbo just so you can stop being so paranoid and driving your husband crazy .


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  1. Those don’t sound like especially fun lessons to learn. I hope that you feel better soon. And I think that is a good call on the mini pill since it might mess with your cycle even more!

    • Yeah bad & tough call but thats why NFP is challenging – it teaches you in no uncertain terms that you are never in control of anything


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