A Co-operative method of Natural Birth Control by Margaret Nofzinger–a book review

Before I read this book I had read four other books on Natural family planning they are :-

1. Honoring our cycles by Katie Singer

2. Taking charge of your fertility by Toni Weschler

3.Natural Family Planning : The complete approach by John  & Sheila Kippley

4. CCL postpartum guide

In summary the book teaches a form of STM which uses a modified rhythm method in pre – ovulatory days ( using s-21 as the last safe day before ovulation where s is the length of the shortest cycle during the previously charted 12 cycles unless  your cervical mucus tells you otherwise ) and waiting 3 full days past temperature rise before you consider yourself infertile .

Pros of the book

1. It’s a very small book I finished it in an hour

2. Are you one of those ladies with a stair case rise ? – there is a solution for you in this book Dr. Vollman’s temperature rise rule

3. There is an in depth coverage of using mucus only during the postpartum transition to fertility

4. It does not advocate artificial contraception at all not even barrier methods


1. It does not cover the material in a simple to understand manner like honoring our cycles

2. If you have read taking charge of your fertility do not expect to find the wealth of information in the appendixes here

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