Why you cannot accept God’s no to your prayers

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1. You have done all the right things : You studied hard in school , you go to Mass on Sunday and even daily occasionally, you practice NFP , say the rosary every day so you imagine its not even remotely possible for God to say no to your prayer requests.right?

2. You have said the right novenas : You know the Saint for the cause you are praying for as if they are a brother or a sister . You have said the novena twice maybe three times and still did not get what you longed for . And when you shared the novena with a friend having similar struggles she got an emphatic YES from  heaven on day two .

3. Your “sinful” neighbor has what you want and then some : You know that gal who slept through school , yes that one she has climbed the corporate ladder faster than you can blink and that couple that contracepted – yes they got gal / boy twins on the first try without  drugs or tracking their cycles then they got sterilized and are now on holiday.

4. You interpreted scripture literally : Surely God will give you want you want . Is it not written in his word that “ Ask and you shall receive , Knock and the door will be opened unto you” and did not Jesus himself tell us the parable of the widow who would not let the judge sleep till she got justice .

5. You imagine a life without your wish and are filled with TERROR .You must get the answer to your prayer because when you look 10 or 20 years ahead and imagine life being the same as it is right now you are paralyzed with fear and tempted to despair and despair you shall not  because that would also be a sin.

I wrote this post to put down all the falsehoods i  believe regarding unanswered prayer 

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  1. Oh boy. This is kinda/sorta where I’m at right now. *hides*


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