i Confess

So its Friday and supposed to be Quick Takes day but i just cant get to a place where my thoughts are coherent so in the spirit of this competition I will post my confessions for the week instead


i Confess that my mood has been in the gutter the whole week and I cannot seem to find the cause. I feel like this


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I Confess that despite posting this I have not been behaving like a thankful person and have complained for small things

-3 –

I Confess that I want a washing machine ( we do a lot of washing here ) and an  e-reader and but I still have about $500 left of my student fees before I can be given my MSC certificate and no savings

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory.

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– 4-

I have been doing my NFP charting half heartedly because charting barely makes sense right now and truthfully the whole thing just stresses me out

– 5-

I confess that am thinking of weaning baby 3 and she is just 8 months . I have gone over one year with my other children but she just doesn’t seem interested and I think I stress her by pushing it but am also secretly hoping that will kick start my cycles and give me something to work with


I Confess that despite starting and starting again – I just cannot seem to do the Bible in one year plan so I just subscribed to listening to the daily mass readings on iTunes


I confess that confessing all this made me feel better

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  1. I am glad for #7! I am a big fan of the therapeutic nature of writing out what stresses one. I am with you on #1 as well, though I am quite confident that I know the cause (hormones!).

    And I’ve never had a baby, but I know that my mom weaned a few of us at 8 months, even though 12 was always the goal. You have to do what works for you and the individual baby(which I know you already know, I’m just trying to remind you that it shouldn’t have to feel like a confession of something less than perfect since maybe it is exactly what you need right now).

  2. Hey Rae !

    I guess i needed to verbalize a lot of this stuff


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