7 Quick Takes ( ed 7 )

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 119)


Good things first : I finally started jogging – put my kit in the car and on the way home just parked and jogged for about 20minutes – lets hope this continues


Anyone else addicted to GTD apps??? – seriously am going to need the AA equivalent for software apps . Am trying out this app this week Smile

-3 –

I get some girlfriend time with one  of my best buds this evening . Hooray !!! Its been a long time since I met this particular lady but you would never know . She calls everyday and has been my rock for a while .


This week has been a non – starter in so many ways – starting with this then a public holiday on Thursday left me feeling rather strange

– 5 –

For the month of May , we are doing a communal rosary ( as a flat ) – I have to say having accountability partners helps a lot . There is a small chapel  at the hospital close to home so maybe I will also get to do a pilgrimage as well .


I have noticed a very strange thing happening recently . Despite praying for another job for over a year , nothing has come up. Instead my work conditions seem to be improving ( not pay – that’s still the same ) I got a better desk – my old one collapsed , a new phone and several office supplies I had given up asking for – whats up with that ?Confused smile


I don’t have a 7th take

Head over to Jen’s for more quick takes

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