NFP–the continuing saga

So anyone remember this quick take?


My NFP signs are all over the place right now . A good priest gave me the contact of a doctor through my husband . I meet him Monday . Put in a prayer for me wont you?


So I spoke to the doctor this morning and our conversation went something like this

Me : Hello I got your phone number from a priest who says you know about Natural Family Planning

Dr : So you would like to prevent pregnancy at this time ?

Me: Yes

Dr: Well there are 2 methods:  the Billings method and moon beads of which the Billings method is more effective

Me: Am aware of these methods – however am 7 months postpartum , no cycles with mucus all the time and I was hoping to be able to do something about that

Dr: NFP depends on you having a cycle . I suggest that you start with artificial methods preferably the coil then when you have cycles we can switch it up . The IUD will not affect your cycles

Me : Really ?

Dr: Yes

Me: Thank you for your time

Click . End of conversation

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  1. oh goodness, this made me so sad.
    i was just recently able to help a friend on the transition from postpartum to cycling with success (so far) and the key for her was doing the internal check. i know i asked you before but had you had any success with that? you can email me…

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