7 Quick Takes ( ed 6 )

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 119)


So  baby #2 got a nasty bacterial infection this week so we have been short on sleep , patience and much more . This is what parenting looks like in the trenches and am getting better at handling it . Am finding though that the longer am a parent the more difficult it becomes to describe what parenting really is.


As difficult as it is to get under the notion that God has freed from the slavery of sin for no other reason than that He loves us, it is imperative that we come to believe that our redemption through Christ is a holy gift. Freely given, without obligation or exchange. No purchase necessary, no refunds. We are handed our freedom.” Read this article on Grace here

-3 –

Interested in a guide for reading the Holy Bible and Catholic catechism in a year ?!  This guide provides a plan. Granted its not the beginning of the year but everyone needs fresh starts . right?


A Spiritual gem I found this week . God’s answer to impossible prayer . A prayer the author had given up on .

– 5 –

What if this is it ? your life right now … what if its all you get ? Then what ……


The exercise plan I was hoping to start ended up being a non – starter. Refer to #1


My NFP signs are all over the place right now . A good priest gave me the contact of a doctor through my husband . I meet him Monday . Put in a prayer for me wont you?

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