Honoring our Cycles–A Natural Family Planning Workbook by Katie Singer –A review

I bought this book on Amazon at the end of last year and was done reading it in January so this review is long overdue . This book explains in depth the Sympto- thermal method of Natural Family Planning . For a small book it packs a lot of information and it is definitely one that I would recommend to anyone as a gentle introduction to Natural Family Planning


1. It is small and could easily be read in one seating

2. It uses very simple English and great analogies ( I had an aha moment when it related sensation to  knowing if the inside of your nostril is moist or not even without touching – I actually tried to do Billings but I had never gotten the sensation bit down pat )

3. It actually has sections on getting pregnant , nutrition and its effects on fertility ( a couple of recipes in the last chapter )  and night lighting .

4.  It has about a years worth of charts at the back with a summary of the rules before each chart so if you are a newbie no need to keep re-reading the book


1. It has no objection to artificial contraceptive methods so if you are catholic you may have be offended by that

All in all , I wish I had read this book before I was married and I recommend it . It does not have as much reference material as taking charge of your fertility by Toni Wechsler but it’s a good start

I give it four out of five stars Thumbs up

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