Catholic women use birth control

So I came across this story this week from the Guttmacher Institute – it’s a study done on birth control usage among women and I had a number of thoughts about it .

1. For a variety of reasons the data from this study is probably true – this was a study in the US . I highly suspect worldwide NFP usage rates are much much lower and not necessarily because Catholics defiantly choose not to follow the church’s teaching .

2. When I got married the details of NFP were never mentioned – imagine my horror when I needed to use it and no obgyn knew nothing about this one method sanctioned by the church or suggested “withdrawal “ as the only natural method they knew or better still cycle beads ( ask any woman that has done the postpartum transition to NFP just how useful cycle beads are in this case )

3.In doing my own research I discovered that all except one of my catholic friends used birth control . Could I blame them ? No. How could they hope to postpone pregnancy with a method that was virtually unknown and therefore untaught?

4. Eventually I learnt that there were several methods of NFP – the Billings method , the Sympto-thermal method and the 21st century Marquette method . With the exception of the Billings method – all the others are bourgeoisie methods – aside from the fact that there are no instructors , there are no pharmacies that sell basal body thermometers and the clear blue easy monitor costs an arm and a leg and all the online classes can only be accessed by people who have access to the internet .

People use what is available to them and where I come from pills,condoms ( because if the HIV scourge )  and IUDs are present and available . NFP is virtually unknown and this is a country with a large catholic population ( upwards of 60% of the population )

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