7 Quick Takes ( ed 4)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 119)


Okay so St. Augustine is on hold for now – either am too tired still or I need a less complex read .Either way am listening to the audio version of the story of a soul by St. Therese


I had my three children in four years and a friend of mine told me I was proof “NFP didn’t work” then I read this and realized that perhaps am just a freak ! Smile

-3 –

So I didn’t start those iron supplements ( a combination of budgetary constraints and Time )  so fatigue is still my constant companion . Not worse but not better

– 4-

Lent ends this week and while I have tried to stick to all the practices I wanted to do during this period am not sure am any better spiritually for it .

– 5 –

I have been looking all over for a day planner – any ideas ?! A software app would be good but I love the feel of the paper ones ( not that its that earth shattering important right now)


This week am going to come up with a 10 things I want to do in 2011 . I know its probably late but it would be great to get a do – over Open-mouthed smile


If your partner died today , what would you most regret not doing – Go out and do it today

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  1. I use MomAgenda for my paper planner and http://teuxdeux.com for my digital daily short list of appointments and to-dos (they have a very inexpensive, auto-synching iPhone app – very cool!). HTH


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