Pain taught me Gratitude

This Sunday I read the story of a young couple who are facing a tremendous challenge . The bride’s kidneys have stopped functioning completely and her groom has to donate one of his in order to save her life ( they are a match ) and it got me pondering on what challenges I have faced and what they have taught me .

I could only think of this – PAIN TAUGHT ME GRATITUDE

Pain taught me Gratitude for ordinary things : Nothing teaches you to value bathing soap than not having even washing soap for a bath or gratitude for tapped water except when you have to fetch it from a borehole near a pit latrine or gratitude for shelter than being evicted three times

Pain taught me Gratitude for a normal day : Am talking about a day with boring routines like going to class a or doing that work task for the 20th time . Nothing teaches you the value of the boring ordinary than being sent home for school fees a month before doing college entrance exams

Pain taught me Gratitude for true friends: Pain is overwhelming and people in the midst of it are incoherent , repetitive and rarely make sense even to themselves so pain will test a friendship to no end. People in misery repeat themselves until they wear you out most of all because the gravity of the event occurring to them is crushing them.

Pain taught me Gratitude for faith : While formal prayer is good , excruciating pain WILL NOT  allow you to say false prayers . I often started praying the our father in the midst of a crisis ONLY to dissolve into bitter tears and a prayer that was more like “ Lord please help me !”

I could go on forever – What lessons in gratitude has pain taught you?

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