7 Quick Takes ( ed 2)


7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 119)


No I did not win the much desired smartphone . Oh well better luck next time . Wanted to surprise my husband with it


On my bookshelf this month – “ Honoring our cycles” by Katie Singer and “The confessions of St.Augustine” by well – St.Augustine

-3 –

Am always tired these days – something need to change before I stop being useful to anyone around me

– 4-

I turn 29 on Tuesday – am not really sure how I feel about this . Happy ? sad ? What would you tell yourself at this age ?

– 5 –

My dearest hubby is off for a lenten retreat this weekend so am flying solo . Am going to definitely need some help from the Holy Spirit and the saints on this one


I have read several great articles about NFP this week . Hope to read many more in the future


How is Lent going ? It could definitely be better

Head over to Jen’s for more quick takes 

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  1. I saw you were new to the 7qt! Hello there!

    Aww I hope you’re not too lonely while you’re husband is gone, but think about it this way: he’s working on his spirituality at a retreat, you can work on yours while you’re home, and the reunion will be glorious!!


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